The “Zitronenfalter” (Brimstone Butterfly)

If you know me, you know that I love green and yellow. I am especially drawn to lemon yellow which I specified back when I ordered the BrAdvent calendar from Brabuilders. 

There is a butterfly known in German as “Zitronenfalter” which translates into “lemon butterfly”. I was excited to find out how this butterfly was called in English and kind dissapointed that it’s “Brimstone” butterfly… I mean… really?

Anyway, it’s no surprised that I got a lot of stuff in lemon yellow:

  • microduoplex
  • wide elastic, I love that one!
  • FOE
  • bra elastics, channeling, Rings and sliders and a hook and eye
  • lace
  • powernet

I knew it was about enough material to make two “bras” and undies if I used the fabric cleverly and maybe dyed some extra strapelastic and hook and eye. Which is exactly what I did.

I made a Forme bralette that was drafted to my measurements and Marlborough bra (that I had already fitted for myself). And with some yellow tulle I had left from another project I managed to squeeze out two Esme panties by Evie La Luve.

I used the leftover bra elastic from the Marlborough for the Forme. I put the wider elastic on the powernet (side) and the narrower elastic at the neckline. The channeling was juuuuust enough to make the underwire channeling and stabilize the sideseams of the Forme bralette. 

A peek on the inside of the bralette. Next time I will extend the boning at the sides to the bottom I think.

I dyed a closure and some strapelastic with the color “Brilliant Yellow” from Dharma. 

Very good match, I’d say. On the left is what I got and on the right is what I dyed.

Here are a few shot from my results 🙂 Mind you, it was terribly difficult to take a picture that does the color justice. The “dye job” is the most accurate representation of what the color really looks like.

I can’t tell you what the color is called on the Brabuilders site. The color is a more saturated version of the “lemon lover” Winter 2022 color. 

Here’s a look on the inside.
… and some details for you.
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