Winterflower Bra – Brabuilder’s January Kit

Back in November Sue of Brabuilder’s announced that, in 2022, they will offer a “Kit of the Month” subscription. I jumped at the opportunity even though shipping from the US to Switzerland is pretty steep. But what can I say, I just like the opportunity to support small bra businesses around the world and since I am lucky enough to be part of the “Featured Artist” programme Brabuilder’s offers, I feel inclined to support Sue and her team.

Also I knew I will be done with my Movie Bra series at the end of December and I wanted something new to tackle and blog about every month.

Anyway, I got the first kit just after Christmas and sewed it up on December 27. Here is what the kit looked like when it arrived

And this is, what’s left of it.

I specified in the subscription what size I am. Some elastic bits and pieces and some lining and powernet are left over.


On the left is a finishing kit I got in my BrAdvend calendar and I’m pretty sure it’s the fall 2021 special color “Twilight”. On the left are the findings I got with this kit. You can tell the color is slightly more on the violet-y side, very cool toned. I just love it.

I used the Marlborough bra pattern from Orange Lingerie which I changed to fit my preferred Porcelynne vertical 48 wire (I used the demi wire). 

I cut out the band in one continuous piece for the lining and adapted the bridge piece to be longer so the lace overlay would end, where the lower cup piece attaches to the powerbar.

The overlay on the lace is designed to hit the bridge at a lower point than the sheer cuplining to show off both the beautiful periwinkle blue and the lace.

I doubled the sheer cup lining to have a neat finish for the bra and to have the color a bit more saturated.
To enclose the seams I used a layer of lace and cup lining and an additional layer of cup lining on the inside.
Because I forgot to cut out the powerbars and therefore did not take care to get all the pattern pieces cut out on a double layer the powerbars (and the frame) are only one layer. But it worked out well because it makes the bra look super airy and light and the support is still fantastic.
The pretty insides…
…and the outsides.

My boyfriend keeps telling me to sew some undies for each bra I make. I have not opted to add the undie kit to my subscription but the powernet seemed soft enough (and I had enough left) for me to cut out a Chloe Thong by Evie LaLuve. I even added some lace pieces to the design. The lace has some mechanical give so I knew it would work out. The elastics I used were some from my stash.

All in all, I think I will add the color match option to my kit (I only had a light blue and white) because I really really like to match my threads to every piece I sew.

I’m in love with this bra. It fits like a glove and the color is just so beautiful.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Sandy

    This is just so beautiful, Nadine! The blue and white is a lovely combination, especially with the sheer blue. Just out of curiosity, what elastic did you use around the legs of the thong? It looks very sheer.

    1. Nadine

      Hi Sandy!
      It’s a very thin and sheer fold over elastic I got from a local fabric store. They have it in every color but I can’t see it on their website. I think it’s produced by Welti Creativ in Switzerland. Hope this helps.

      1. Sandy

        Thanks! Just curious because it is something I haven’t seen before.

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