The “Nadine”- A BWear Kit

Some time in February or March I commented on a BWear Friday insta video that I just adored the royal blue fabric they just got in. I had placed an order some days before to get my preferred wires (Porcelynne) and Angelica and Bodil kindly gifted me with this kit they named “Nadine” (you can get yours here).

Also, I had the honor of being introduced as a “maker that inspires us” by BWear in the month of March. You can read the mini-interview on the BWear instagram site here

I used my bra block I adapted from a BWear Jessica Bra pattern to fit my own shape. This was the first bra I produced with my finished block and the fit was just spot on! In the future I will probably go back more to this block to make style changes from this instead of fitting endless amounts of bra patterns. Of course I will still buy the patterns to support the designer and so I can look at the style lines etc.

The insides of the bra. The cut and sew foam is not included in the kit but bwear has quite an array of colors.
Angelica and Bodil even added some lycra so I can make matching undies…


The cups and the frame are made with duoplex. The lace is a darted overlay that is shorter in the front so it looks like a bra on a bra. I secured the lace onto the cup with a few bartacks. The remains of the lace were used on the undies and on the frame.

Happy Sewing 


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Hi! My name is Nadine and I’ve been sewing my own clothes since 2017. I love making underwear – especially bras. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking and reading!

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