The Jordy Bralette and the Tuesday Boyshorts #aworkinprogress

I’ve been following Emerald Erin for a while now and I was really excited to find out that she developped her own lingerie patterns: The Jordy Bralette and the Tuesday Boyshorts.

About the pattern

The Jordy is a simple two piece cup bralette and Erin has written great instructions on choosing the right size. I chose the size according to her instructions (but I rounded to the lower cupsize, more on that later). I made the version with the fabric covered foam which means that I needed four pattern pieces. The good news is that there are pattern pieces for all the versions: lace, foam and fabric.
For the Tuesday I chose to make the solid front version.

About the fabric

The fabric and most of my notions I got from a swiss bramakers supply shop with excellent service (truly). I chose a plaid bi-elastic fabric. I think they still have it in stock.

About the construction

If you follow the well-illustrated instructions to a t you should not have a problem with this pattern. The possible struggles you might have, are with the materials. But you really do not need to pin the pieces before sewing, your fingers should be enough. These two items were meant to be wearable muslins…

For Tuesday

The zigzag I used had a 2.2 length and a 3.0 width (also with Jordy FYI). After attaching the FOE to the waist I noticed that I didn’t quite catch all of the fabric which is why I simply zigzagged over it. While attaching the FOE to the leg openings I got a part that was full of puckers even though I followed the instructions. But as you sew you get better at working with elastics and you figure out the right tension along the way.
The fit is a little tight around my legs but the cut and shape of the panties are AMAZING. I will just have to adjust the pattern to make room for my fuller legs.

For Jordy

I found that the topstitching of the seamallowance on one of the cups created bulk and I remembered that this was a problem as well with my first bra. So for the second one I chose a stitch length of 3 (on my Bernina) and positioned my needle to the far left so the transportation would actually transport the fabric.
This seemed to reduce the bulk a great deal as you can see in the pictures below.

You can see the wobbly seam the topstitching created here…

… this one turned out much better.

If you work with fold-over-elastic and your machine has the option to automatically determine the needle position (up or down), chose the ‘down”-option to manage possible puckers by lifting the presser foot every now and then.
The fit was sadly – for my big boobs – less than optimal. It seemed to be better when I joined the cups.
You can barely see where I joined the two cups…

But I committed myself to figuring out the perfect fit for this pattern. Maybe I should have picked the larger cup size and perhaps it would fit better without foam cups… I will keep that in mind while figuring out the fit.

All in all I will make more Jordys and Tuesdays – even if it is just for the ‘ambition’.

The finished bralette and panties


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