The Strawberry Cupcake

Since I have a Brabuilder’s kit of the month subscription I got the February kit (you can get yours here) at the end of January and was able to dig right in. You can read all about the January kit here.

This is the kit as it comes.

What you need to know about me is that I don’t like pink. I know, it’s ridiculous and I don’t know why but at the moment that’s how it is.

Anyway, the February kit comes with a beautiful vintage-y looking lace. You can either choose the color Whisper (pink), Chocolate (brown) or Latte. I went for chocolate findings and whisper cup lining. In hindsight I must say I should have gone with all pink findings. 

The scraps that were left…
Cutting out takes some wiggling.

When I got the kit I knew why Sue suggested Latte or Whisper as the primary options. I just looks better.

But good for me that I had some pink leftover findings at home (bonus points for using up all the pink stuff, yay!) that I could use. And double bonus: I now have a findings kit in this absolutely stunning chocolate (happy dance).

I used the Blossom Bra pattern by daydreampatterns in the size 16D (E cups adjusted to fit the 16D frame) with no additional changes. I already knew that the bra would fit me because I was a pattern tester.

The lace was quite narrow and because I wanted a full lace cup I had to think carefully about the placement of my larger cup pieces. I think I made the most of it though.

Yes, it’s pink but I have already worn this bra multiple times and it’s very comfortable. So all is well 🙂

I used some brown strap elastic I had left from another kit and a pink closure.
The inside is made out of sheer cuplining. The upper cup is “doubled up” and folded at the top.

Happy Sewing



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