Poppy Fields – Brabuilder’s May Kit

Is it May again? Unbelievable!

Right at the end of April I got the latest Brabuilder’s kit called “Field of Poppies“. Sadly, the kit is already sold out.

I received enough material to make a bra and some hipster undies. The bra is the model DL 02 by Makebra and the undies are the Becky Hipsters by pattydoo.

I had the option to get this bra kit with findings in the color “She-Shed”, “Frost” or “Navy”. I chose white backing with any bamboo kit (part of the subscription) so the channeling and the lining came in the color “Frost” and findings in She-shed. I did not think about what pattern I would make beforehand, or I would have added FOE in she-shed instead of regular underarm elastic. This would have been so lovely.

I overlayed my bra block over the DL 02 and adjusted the frame accordingly. I forgot that the  edges are finished with FOE, however, which is why in the end, I had to stretch out the frame to insert the finished cups (I’ll come to that later).

I did a deep dive into different bramaking techniques on how to work with stretch fabrics in bramaking. This is the first method I’ve tried (and usually used when working with stretchy fabrics) and I will get into the details about this method in a later blogpost. I simply used cut and sew foam and covered with the bamboo jersey.

I finished the insides of the foam with fabric strips. On one cup I used two straight stitches and on the other cup I used a simple, wide zigzag.

looking very neat…
not as neat in my opinion
There is a significant ridge on the cup with the two straight stitches. But once the cups are covered. It’s not noticeable anymore.

I finished the bra according to the instructions and while inserting the cups I noticed that, actually, I over-adjusted the cups because I did not walk the seams (beginner mistake) and just transferred the added height from my block (which I added to the frame but not taking into consideration the FOE finishing) to the cup piece. The whole frame is made out of powernet so it was easy to just stretch it a bit to fit the cups (that were already finished). But now I have to get some longer wires from BWear because my vertical 48’s were too short, haha.

Still, the bra is very comfy and so are the undies.

Happy Sewing



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