My Angie Bra – Peacock Lace

Hello my sewing friends! I finally got to write about my Angie bra in this beautiful lace I got from aliexpress. 

The bra I chose to make it with was the Angie bra by BWear. You can get your pattern here. I bought the full size range – just so you know. The size I chose was the 90E in the frame and the 90D cups (for the volume). I tested the pattern first of course and I only needed to make few adjustments.

All my adjusted pieces including the seamallowances.

I wanted to keep the beautiful edge of my lace intact which is why I needed a single piece with darts. 

First you copy all your pieces and remove the seamallowances. 

Next I put all my pieces close together at the seamline. Depending on your size the gaps between your pattern pieces will be larger or smaller.

The Angie bra is a full coverage bra so I knew I could get away with losing a few cm at the top. I just put my lace on top of my pattern pieces to check if  I can manage to get the whole lace design in.

Now it’s time to add the seamallowances back in.

This will be my piece for the lace.
And here is my cut and sew foam. The seamallowances at the “darts” are removed of course. You’ll close the seams with a zigzag.

Cut out your lace and sew your darts and seams. BTW if you want this process to be easier you can also use a simple two piece cup with one vertical seam (e.g. Jessicas Twin from BWear). 

This is me with the cups done! In case you have missed it – I sewed this bra while camping 🙂

Cut out all your other pieces. I used simple black lining to back the lace on the bridge and frame and some black powernet for the back.

I wanted to keep my lace on top of the front intact which is why I cut the back piece slightly longer. I sewed the first row of stitches with the elastic on each of my back bands. Then I flipped them to do my second row of zigzags but continuing to the frame under my lace. The elastic will be invisible from the front – you’ll only see the lace.

You can see that the elastic is sewn behind the lace to the lining of the frame. The lace on the cup pieces will be attached with a few hand stitches to the foam lining.

I attached the straps to the foam lining of the cups. I usually to this by continuing to sew the underarm elastic toward the cup then add the ring or slider and fold the underam elastic back down. I know it sounds super complicated. But you’ll see on the final pictures how I meant it 🙂

…aaaaand my result.
Inside of my cups.
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