Lord of the Rings (of course!) – Movie Bra Series

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

The One ring’s inscription, translated


Well, this is it! The last bra of my movie bra series and I hope you enjoyed the journey with me!

Here is the design I came up with in April. Of course I wanted to focus on “the one ring” in the center of the bra but I also wanted to incorporate the softness of the Lady Galadriel’s costume. 

Here is a list of all the materials I used:

  • The one ring: Bought in a haberdashery in Rome
  • Gold trim: Stoffe.de
  • White chiffon: Stoffe.de
  • Microduoplex, white: Brabuilders
  • Powernet, white: BWear
  • 15 Denier lining, white: BWear
  • Strapelastic, white, 15mm, BWear
  • Underbust elastic, 18mm: BWear
  • Underarm elastic, 10mm: BWear
  • Rings and sliders, gold, 15mm: BWear
  • Hook and eyes, 3X3, white: BWear
  • Underwire channeling: BWear
  • Underwires: Prym 115

Pattern: Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie.

The cap sleeve design is based on a simple sleeve I already owned (for stable fabrics) that I cut and spread to make the pattern piece for a flutter sleeve. 

The flounce around the lower part of the bra is made out of chiffon. The pattern piece was drafted based on the circumference of my own underbust measurements. 

The sleeves and the flounce are finished with the rolled hem feature on my overlocker.

I inserted the cups into the frame, finished the bridge and sewed on the the strap-elastic to hold “the one ring”.

The flounce piece is sandwiched between the underbust elastic and the frame.

The inside.

And the outside!

The mannequin is slightly smaller than me. The bra fit very well. I especially loved the low front detail. Just fabulous!

This is how the center-piece looks like when worn.

This is it from me this year! 

See you in 2022!


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