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Bond. James Bond


Hello my lovlies and welcome to my latest exploit of my Movie Bra series. I hope you have enjoyed Black Swan, Indiana Jones and Gone with the Wind and are happy to continue on this journey with me. Until the end of the year there are four more Movie Bras coming up but without further ado let’s look at this month’s bra.

The inspiration that started this whole series was the lace I received which reminded me of Vivien Leigh’s dress in Gone With the Wind – so the inspiration came from the material.  All the other ideas (with the exception of one other bra) worked the other way round. I first picked the movies and then my materials to work with.

When thinking of James Bond what immediately comes into my mind are martinis and tuxedos. Kind of hard to make a martini bra, so tuxedo it was. To create this tuxedo fly I used the Grace Bra pattern by Annie and Myra’s.

First I ruched my black satin up with a few gathering stitches, then I cut the inner cup pieces out of sheer cup lining.

I wanted the top edges finished in fabric so I sewed the top edge of the ruched piece right side to right side to the neckline edge of the inner cup piece. Understiched it and turned it to the inside. Next I basted the lining pieces to the back of the ruches, evenly distributed the gathers around the center cup seam (more gathers toward the middle, less at the center cup seam to mimick the fly), basted again and continued to sew up the bra according to the instructions.

Alternatively, you could also do a ruched cup overlay like @bras_dessous_bras_dessus shows in her Instagram video highlights. It’s a different method and possibly less fiddly, but it will give you a slightly more “bulk” at the bridge…

For the bridge I made another ruched overlay that I finished at the bottom, then attached right side to right side at the top of the white duoplex bridge piece. I turned the white side to the back, understitched everything and basted the ruches to the bridge at the sides so I could insert the cups.

Here is a list of all the materials I used, and where to find them (click on the vendor’s name to get directly to the product):

  • Sheer cup lining, black: Emerald Erin
  • Sheer cup lining, white: BWear
  • Duoplex, white: BWear (not in stock)
  • Stretch satin, black: BWear
  • Powernet, white: BWear
  • Band Elastic, 20mm, white: Local Seller
  • Underarm Elastic, 12mm, white: BWear
  • Channelling, white: BWear
  • White strap elastic, 15mm: BWear
  • Rings and sliders, white, 15mm: BWear
  • Hook and eye closure 4h 3b: BWear
  • Underwires, Heavy Gauge Regular by porcelynne, 48: BWear

And some detail shots for you:

Here is where I messed up and poked a hole in the top of my bra, which is why there is a red carnation in the other photos to gloss over it, haha.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Tag me in your movie makes so I can see all your pretty bras.

Happy Sewing



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