Titanic – Movie Bra Series

Rose, You're No Picnic. You're A Spoiled Little Brat, Even.

Who doesn’t remember Titanic? While my peers saw the movie over and over and over again when I was a teenager, I saw it once at the cinema and once later on. It probably makes me unpopular but I did not like the Jack/Rose story but rather the special effects and the costumes. Anyway, the most iconic scene in my opinion is Rose’s entrance in the crisp white dress/suit with her large purple hat. 

This moment in the movie was the idea that inspired this bra. I opted to take each element of the dress (buttons, lapels, stripes, purple, belt) and transform it to a bra. While I was working on this design (well the design was worked out back in April but you know what I mean) Jennie from Annie and Myras presented a similar piece. A stunning red collared bra that reminded her of Charlize Theron. I absolutely adore it, you should definitely check it out on her instagram here (btw there is a tutorial of her lapel bra in her stories).

For my rendition of Titanic I chose the Labellum Bra by LillypaDesigns and added the lapel to the upper cup piece. I designed a facing and a lining piece that are visible at the top (folded to the outside). 

Here is a list of the materials I used (the link will take you directly to the item):

  • Sheer cup lining, white: BWear
  • Duoplex, purple: BWear (not in stock)
  • White Pinstripe Shirting: Etsy
  • Powernet, white: BWear
  • Band Elastic, 20mm, white: Local Seller
  • Underarm Elastic, 12mm, white: BWear
  • Channelling, white: BWear
  • White strap elastic, 15mm: BWear
  • Rings and sliders, white, 15mm: BWear
  • Hook and eye closure 3h 3b: Deine Dessous
  • Underwires,  Regular  48: BWear

Here are a few detail shots.

I hope you like it! Take care


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