Kill Bill – Movie Bra Series

We have unfinished business!


Welcome to my latest bra endeavor and to an homage to one of my all-time favorite movies: Kill Bill. First of all, I like that this movie has strong female characters that are ruthless. Secondly, I really enjoyed the whole plot, setting and costumes of this movie. 

When you look at the bra and if you’ve seen the movie you know exactly what scene and outfit I was thinking about: The yellow and black tracksuit and the yellow/black Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. 

I used the Helena’s Longline bra pattern by B,Wear. I was one of the lucky testers of the larger size range (the pattern is not out yet) but you can get the pattern in the regular size range here

Speaking of B,Wear, as you have noticed in the past, I get a lot of supplies from this Swedish shop. For this bra I used:

After I cut out the bridge pieces the wrong way four times in a row (yes, it happens even after more than a hundred bras) I did not have enough yellow duoplex left to sew up the whole frame. I cut the frame into three pieces because of this and made the center piece out of dyed microduoplex. 

I used the dye “brilliant yellow” and added a tiny bit of “fire engine red”. Up top you see the original color “frost”, then pure “brilliant yellow”, below a tiny bit of red and at the bottom a little more red (which is what I ended up using).


I added the back closure and the lining to the mix. You can see the original duoplex lying on the microduoplex I dyed.

I wanted to finish the top edges with foldover elastic which is why I removed the seam allowances in this are on all the relevant pieces (bridge, frame, cup pieces, back band). I sewed the cut and sew cups first, covered them with the outer fabric and basted the two layers together. Next I sewed the frame and the back band. 


Then it was already time to attach the velvet ribbons and the boning channeling to the frame out the outside! I used one channel under each cup, one in the center front and one one on each side seam (this one on the inside). The boning channeling is a lot thinner than your regular bra channeling which is why I wanted to attach it before I inserted the cups. I closed the to of the channels, added the decorative thin velvet ribbons. I made sure not to sew directly over the boning channels otherwise there would be no way to insert the boning later.

This is a gluestick from Prym I got in a B,Wear Mysterybox. I glued the channeling on first and then covered it with the velvet ribbons and sewed it down in one pass.


I finished the top edge with black foldover elastic and the bottom with a wide underwear elastic. Lastly, I added the hook and eye tape and voilà!

For the undies:

  • Foldover Elastic, yellow: BWear
  • Duoplex, yellow
  • Stretch satin, black: BWear

I made the undies using the Acacia pattern by Meghan Nielsen (it’s downloadable for free on their site). I wanted to mimic the stripes on the bra so I changed the pattern to accommodate for this. BWear has a beautiful yellow stretch satin but it does not match the shade of yellow of the duoplex so I went for black stretch satin with a tiny bit of yellow duoplex. Since the duoplex is a very stable fabric I lengthened the pattern piece slightly to compensate the lack of stretch in this area.

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