Indiana Jones – Movie Bra Series

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes!

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the lost ark (1981)

Those of you you have seen the movies will know that there are a handful of things that are immediatley associated with Indiana Jones:

  • Hat
  • Whip
  • Treasure
  • and of course his hatred of snakes!

Since it’s difficult to make a bra out of a whip and a hat I went for snakes and treasure. I wanted to mimic snakes embracing a treasure. 

The pattern I chose was the Black Beauty Bra from Emerald Erin. I know it looks different from the original but for my size I had to split the lower cup for a better fit but now the Black Beauty is one of the best fitting bra patterns I own.

Since I wanted to mimic snakes embracing a treasure so I used Liz’ tutorial to lengthen the powerbar all the way around the cup!

In hindsight I should have made the powerbar or the swoop portion bigger…

I sewed rest of the bra according to the instructions this should be fairly easy if you’ve made the bra before. 

These are the materials I used (the link behind the seller’s name will take you directly to the listing):

  • All the notions are from BWear bought separately. I would recommend, however, that you buy the black findings kit that will give you everything you need.
  • powernet from
  • Black lining from a local seller for the bridge and frame- out of stock
  • black cut and sew foam from a local seller
  • I used 15mm straps and corresponding gold rings and sliders from

I started with the cups. I added twice the seam allowance to the upper edge of the upper cup so I could sew the satin cuts right side to right side to the inside of the foam cups and then flip it to the outside to get a neat finish. Next I finished the edge of the powerbar with some brown/beige/golden picot elastic I received in aa elastic grab bag from BWear (I can’t find this color on the site but the elastic is available in multiple colorways if you search for “decorative elastic”).  I did not want to destroy the “organic” look with black in the cups.

Next I sewed the frame together with the seam allowances enclosed. I inserted the cups, attached the channelling and the elastics and finally the straps and the closure. 

So treasure in the middle snakes on the outside. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about this make. This says Indiana Jones to me. How about you?

Happy Sewing



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