Gone With the Wind – Movie Bra Series

Welcome to my latest series after my “Rainbow Bras” series. I am going to make some movie inspired bras. I have chosen my eight movies already to get me to the end of the year.

I will post my makes at the last of each month and write about them here. I got the inspiration from the lace I used in this bra.

It looked different on the listing than what I got (still pretty don’t get me wrong) and the vibe just reminded me of the green dress Scarlet O’Hara wore when she went begging for money from Rhett Butler. So I thought to myself; hey why don’t I make a Gone With the Wind inspired bra? At the same time Liz from @liz_sews announced that she was going to make Disney inspired lingerie each month. Have you seen her bras yet? They’re amazing, you can check out Liz’ youtube channel here

Anyway, I started sketching my ideas for each bra when Jennie from Annie and Myras’ came out with the Vivien Bra which was, as you might have guessed it, inspired by Vivien Leigh who played Scarlet O’Hara. The opportunity was too good to let it pass, so I bought the Vivien Bra especially for this make.

I made the bra without any adjustments. Usually I have to reduce the volume for my preferred wire but with Annie and Myras patterns you can choose the wire you prefer for each bra size. This ist just seriously amazing. The Vivien Bra is a partial band bra which worked well with my idea of adding trim to the front (reminiscent of curtain tassels). Additionally the pattern has a external powerbar which I used to mimic the curtains in dark green velvet.

For this bra I used the following supplies (the links will take you directly to the listings):

I lined my bra with the bra tulle from bwear going for two layers with opposing stretch. For the powerbar I pleated the stretch velvet and sewed the lining just under it to keep the tucks in place.

I used the bridge as a guide for the trim length and assembled the bra according to the instructions.

I hope you enjoyed this post. The next bra will come June 30 and the movie will be Indiana Jones.

Happy Sewing



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