The “Cherry Blossom” – Brabuilder’s April Kit

I am hopelessly behind on my bramaking. But on the bright side, I was on a 10 day vacation this month and did not take my sewing machine with me (I have done so sometimes, in the past).

Anyway, this is my rendition of the Brabuilder’s April kit of the month called “Cherry Blossom”. If you want to pick up this kit, as of now, it’s still available here

I wend for the accent color “Champagne” which is a surprising warm and soft yellow. You know me, I just love anything yellow or green. You could also go with the color “Peaches”, a soft warm pink.

The kit gave me enough material to squeeze out a bra and an undie, however I always have to use some elastic from my stash to finish the undies.

Now to the bra. I made the Aries bra, or rather bralette, by Gravity by Grandy and some Binky panties by Evie la Luve.

It’s the first time I made the Aries, so I compared the cradle to my bra block and made some adjustments from the get go (e.g. making the cradle narrower).

The fit is okay but I’m experiencing some flattening on the middle cup which is why I added some extra volume here (a thank you to Jennie from @annieandmyras for the suggestion on her instagram). Also, I will have to reduce some gaping at the neckline; a common issue for me. 

I pinned out the gaping at the neckline.


Here are the adjustments I made for future versions, allthough this version is absolutely wearable and comfortable.

I am especially looking forward to making the underwire version… I have seen some looooovely pieces with underwires on instagram. Just stunning!

I used the powernet (the one from Brabuilder’s is soft enough) and the lace to make some undies with some elastic from my stash.

Since it’s the end of April now, I already know what the May kit will be and I am looking very much forward to it. YAY! 

Happy Sewing

Nadine @heart.pleat

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