The Briar Rose (Flora Edition)

Anyone of you remember this scene in the movie sleeping beauty? When Sue from Brabuilders showed me the lace I used for this bra she told me that the lace would work with multiple colors especially blue and pink. I immediately thought of the fighting camps pro-blue and pro-pink on this one and told Sue that the lace reminded me of Briar Rose. You can get your kit here.

I got a beautiful peach colored silk with the kit. The kit comes in the color “Peaches”, so the findings and the powernet will have this color. I made the bra up in this color scheme but I am truly tempted to order some more of this lace and make a blue bra.

So, circling back to the image at the beginning, this is the Flora Edition (you know the fairy that wants the dress to be pink) and maybe the blue one will be the Merryweather Edition (the blue fairy).

The lace has multiple colors ranging from orange-y yellow to lilac. Absolutely stunning…
…Merryweather options…
I used a regular Gutermann thread in the color 659 and got a good match.
Powernet and lining in the color peaches.

I made a longline Vivien Bra using the Grace Frame (minus seam allowances at the cuplines). I changed the wireline to a vertical wire and lengthened the whole frame 6.5cm. Since I only had a 4X3 hook and eye I changed the back to a cross-strap design so it would add some stability at the top.

I mirrored the pieces exactly.
All the pieces laid out.
I backed the stretch silk to a stable piece of lining to reduce wrinkling.
The whole is frame stabilized and some boning is added.
front view…
Inside of the Briar Rose bra.
The new back design.
I appliqued two roses to the center front.
This bra nearly broke me. But I am happy to report that the silk stays intact even though I had to unpick a lot of stitches.

It really is a beauty.

Happy sewing.

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  1. Harlean

    Love reading your explanations of your makes. This is beautiful, Very soft, dainty, and feminine

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