Bra-A-Week Roundup for September

Hello everyone and welcome back to my new and improved blog. Almost all posts are back again with pictures and everything. I might make a few tweaks here and there but this is about as good as I can make it for the moment.
Building a homepage is hard work and a lot of knowledge (and mistakes) goes into it. I spent about 20 to 30 hours this week making the page you see before you… I know, for this amount of time I should be able to show more for it 😉
But let’s get straight to the roundup, shall we?

A DL 03 with a peacock print for week

Moving on into September I wanted to try my hand at foam bras. Braugust 2018 made me notice a lot of fantastic bramakers out there. One of them was the team of @500and5. They recommended the DL03 Bra by makebra as a pattern designed with a foam bra in mind.
So off I went. I got the pattern and gathered my supplies which apart from the foam were all from Spitzentraum (fabric, underwires, rings and sliders, closures, FOE, bandelastic, straps).
It was the first time I used a zigzag as a topstitching method for bra cups. But it worked like a charm and it was the first time ever I got such flat seams on the cups in bramaking.
The bra turned out great and the amount of support is absolutely amazing. This is my favourite so far. The only thing I would do differently is add a little more with at the band (I used a wide braband elastic) and 1” more length in total. You know me, I already made those adjustments, so next time I am ready from the get go.
Again I sewed up two pairs of panties to go with this bra. You can read more about them on the BERNINA blog here.
DL 03

A comfy Willow Bralette for week 37

Okay. This is already a repeat. But I needed a quick win and the fabric was leftover from a failed attempt to sew my boyfriend some boxers.
I moved the straps more to the center (I wrote about this issue here) by changing the cup lines and it worked out perfectly. Again I left out the back closures. This is the comfiest bralette yet.
Willow Bra

Missed week 38

I know it’s annonying. I wanted to give “making-my-boyfriend-some-boxers” another try that week and make myself some Tuesday boyshorts to go with the Willow Bralette from week 37. But that was also the week that I got an upgrade from BERNINA for my serger. So that meant a lot of changing around in the sewing room and I never got to it.

Still waiting to be sewn up

A failed attempt at a bra with preformed cups for week 39

As you can already guess by the title this did absolutely not go well. Of course I should have checked the pattern against the cups to see if I had to make any adjustments in height. I did not though and this is what happened. I always attach the cups from the bridge part to the arm. So the first time I had about 2.5″ left to go on the sideband. I thought well I can change that and just lower the bridge to the amount needed. So I Ripped the seam open and started at the arm part. The second try was even worse. Add to that that the cups were collapsing because I overstretched the fabric (I needed to because I did not have enough to make generous pieces for the covering part). And I forgot to stabilize the bridge. All in all it was a mess and I was already burnt out from another sewing project that will come to the blog very soon that I just did not have the energy to finish it and I am ashamed to say I tossed it. I knew it would no longer bring me joy. But I still want to try preformed cups in the near future… Let’s see how this goes.

You can see the collapsed cups…

… and the bridge is too short.

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