The “Bells of Ireland” Brabuilders March Kit

This is a short post on the Brabuilders kit of the month for March. 

I originally planned on making a St. Patricks Day bra with a cute lace I bought back in October of 2021. But since I did not have dye or findings that would match the color scheme exactly I opted to make the Bells of Ireland kit my St. Patricks Day bra.

Technically we do not celebrate St. Patricks day in Switzerland but since March 17 is also my partners birthday, we have made it a tradition to visit an Irish Pub on this day and celebrate. I love Irish folk music and the whole pub scene – always have. I was in Dublin once on St. Patricks Day and that was a bit too much for my taste… Nothing to do with the Irish, though, it was the party tourists.

Anyway, I made up this kit (even got some stretch silk added by the generous Sue from Brabuilders) to be a Black Beauty Bra by Emerald Erin. The powerbars are “lined” with cut and sew foam and all the credit for this idea goes to Linda P (@lpsewing) who made a foam lined powerbar bra almost a year ago.

The upper cup is actually made out of two layers of lace to give it this wavy design.

Otherwise it’s just a regular Black Beauty bra. I backed each stretch silk satin piece onto a piece of stable lining before constructing the bra to reduce wrinkling later.

The fit is spot on and I even had enough lace and silk left to make a pair of matching undies (Binky Panties by Evie La Luve).

Happy St. Patricks Day!



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