Wanted Top

The Wanted Top by Vanessa Pouzet #notsureyet

Hello I’m back again with a new name but the same face. This week I finally tackled the Wanted Top by Vanessa Pouzet. I got the inspiration from Rachel from the Stitch Sisters (if you’re not following them on youtube I don’t know where you’ve been. They are hilarious and very helpful.)

About the Pattern

The Wanted Top by Vanessa Pouzet is a simple jersey top with a square neckline meaning two mitered corners. For the sleeves you have the option to choose any length. I chose the “rétro” length which goes down to the elbow but in hindsight I am not sure about that one. I might make the shorter because the sleeve hits me at a weird point as it is now. The sizes range from 34 to 48. I am sad to admit I even had to adjust the largest size a bit in the hips and it seemed quite short to me. The instructions are in French.

Cutting layout of the Wanted Top

About the fabric

I used a simple red cotton spandex jersey I got from a local store. It curled quite a bit but was otherwise easy to sew (and to press).

About the construction of the Wanted Top

Having my serger/cover machine back I was back to sewing knits. Still I sewed the corners with my regular machine. I feel I have more control with this one and the work is much more precise. I went reaaaaaaally slowly on those corners for fear of messing them up.

I started by joining the shoulder seams together

I even pinned the corners. Me! Pinning!

… and then I went on the exactly measuring where the neckband needed to go…

While doing this I thought to myself that maybe with staystitching the corners of the top, the risk of stretching out the fabric too much would be minimized. Nonetheless it all went surprisingly well and I managed to insert the neckband without any difficulties. The assembly of the rest of the top was the same as any other, so I won’t go into too much details. Maybe I’ll write a post someday about knit necklines. The instructions said nothing about topstitching so I did not do it. I might try that though in the future.
Finished neckline. I am quite proud of this…

The fit was…. weird. The top is quite snug and as I mentioned before the sleeve length I chose does not seem ideal. What’s more, there seems to be some sort of issue with wrinkles in my underarm area. When I researched this, I noticed this on quite a few people. On closer inspection I think the sleeve head needs a slight forward rotation and a little more fabric in the front cap. Now, since I already have the perfect basic shirt pattern (The Agnes from Tilly and the Buttons) I don’t want to bother fixing these issues. I much rather hack the Tilly one and add a square neckline. I will keep you posted on how I’ll make this. I already have the fabric (a striped loopback jersey *swoon*)…
Happy Sewing!

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