Toaster Sweater I #trulytoasty

About the pattern

I heard a lot about the Toaster Sweaters by Sew House Seven and I finally caved  and bought the pdf of both versions. I chose to make Sweater I and picked size L but graded it to a XL at the hips. In hindsight it wasn’t necessary to grade up at the hips, it would have been fine.

About the fabric

I used a red sweater knit from a local shop . It has a beautiful soft quality, it is padded and looks quilted. I don’t know what the correct term for this kind of fabric is and it’s not in stock anymore so I can’t peek (sorry). It is quite soft and has yet a bit of stiffnes to it, which I think works very well with this pattern.

About the construction

The construction was super easy if you have a serger. I especially like the fact that you did not need a coverstitch (expensive) or twin needle on a regular sewing machine (fussy) to sew this piece. It has cuffs, a wide neckband and a wide hemband.

I had a bit of excess fabric around the shoulders. In the past year I found , that I usually need a narrow shoulder adjustment (about an inch/ 2.5cm or so). Since the sweater has raglan sleeves, I didn’t adjust the fit. Turns out, I would have needed the adjustment and for future reference I will mark those on the pattern along with the sizing correction mentioned above.

Also I might adjust the hemband’s width, because it hits me at a weird place on my body. I feel I will shorten the width about two inches (5cm) and add the length to the body pieces. The elongated cuffs are amazing since the (already padded) fabric is ‘doubled’ which means my wrists will always stay toasty…. <3


But may I just say I loooove the fact that the collar stands up on its own. It looks fabulous, it’s warm and I will definitely make more toasters in the future 😉

Furthermore, I noticed that handmade items (even just simple tops) are warmer that RTW. Perhaps this is due to the better quality of the fabrics used. Has anyone else noticed that?

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