Another Clara Blouse for the Summer #beekeper

Hello everyone!!! I made another Clara blouse.

This time I ommited the high-low hem and added short sleeves. But not just any sleeves, no! I made petal sleeves or how do you call them? I found a tutorial for this in Issue 53 of Love Sewing Magazine (p 44). Also I knew since making the first Clara that I really do not need the back closures. It looks nice yes and for a longsleeved blouse I might still use it. But on this summery top? Nope.

First I started by making the rolled hems for my sleeves. As I have a trusted Bernina foot for this, it was no problem at all. I am slowly getting the hang of it and I just really really love the finished look of a rolled hem.


Rolled hem…



Then I basted the sleeve pieces together to make two complete sleeves. I even already added the gathering for the insertion later. Then you go on sewing the blouse as you normally would. 


And of course I was in such a rush that I completely forgot the interfacing on the facing pieces. Annoying but I left it as it was….

When I tried it on for the first time, I noticed because this fabric was a lot stiffer than the viscose I used last time, that there is really a lot of fabric on my back. I will eventually need to make a swayback adjustment to the pattern but for now I just added two darts that fixed the problem. I love the result. I have my very own beehive for the summer now 🙂

A short one I know. Happy Sewing,

Nadine @heartpleat


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