#stateofmywardrobe – Plan and Items No. 1 and 2 (Pussybow Blouse and Ginger Jeans)

Memademay is over. Thank god, because I am not a fan (yes, yes, shame on me). Not because I don’t like the idea but because somehow I lack the ability to deal with the challenge and all the pictures that come with it – mostly it makes me feel inadequate.

But what I love about the notion of Memademay is that people often try to wear every or as many memade items as possible to assess wardrobe gaps, pieces that need to be mended or altered and to enjoy every item they have in their wardrobe. However, I own many me-made items, so mostly wear me-made anyway. But I never ever wear all the clothes I own which is why some pieces are just in my wardrobe – forgotten and unloved.

I love organization, lists and spreadsheets. That’s just the kind of person I am. Also I do not have any UFOs (unfinished objects) in my sewing corner because it would just drive me nuts. So, I decided to combine what I love about Memademay with my need for organization and start a new project: #stateofmywardrobe . I do not have a huuuuge closet but I have a surprising amount of pieces that I rarely/never wear. There must be a reason for this and I need to figure it out.

The goal is to wear each item in my closet and assess wheter I like love it or not. Although hilarious, I’m not attempting this:


But I will wear a different item each day and all day (means I may have to abstain from wearing my PJ’s all Sunday) in the least amount of days feasible and practicable. You know, I won’t just throw half worn things into the washer if I could get another day of wear out of my garment. So, this might take a while. I will not force a deadline on myself; just the requirement to wear every item at least once, think about why I love it (or not), blog about it and decide its fate. The only pass I will give myself is with winter clothes when we’re dealing with temeratures over 25 degrees (and currently we’re at 37 degrees Celsius, 98 degrees F).

So here we go:

#stateofmywardrobe – Day 1 – Pussybow Blouse and Ginger Jeans (wearable muslin)

#stateofmywardrobe Day 1

Like: Love overall ensebmle, office appropriate, but not too serious

Dislike: Fit of blouse.


Always thought a Pussybow Blouse would make me look frumpy but in fact it does not. I like the silhouette and the pattern (you can read more about this make here) but I will need to go up a size, do a FBA and keep the shoulder seam.

Love the Ginger Jeans muslin (rad about them here). It’s actually the best fitting pair of Ginger Jeans  I own.  I inserted two darts into the yoke and back piece and slimmed down the legs drastically (just to make them wearable). Somehow with the other two pairs I seem to have overadjusted. One pair is baggy after one wear (may have to do with the recovery properties of my fabric choice) and the other is preeeetty fitted but beautifully made.


  • Let go of the Pussybow Blouse (co-worker loved my blouse and she is smaller than me)
  • Start Ginger Jeans  fitting process from scratch with help of muslin, but keep wearable muslin for time being

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