The Seamwork Margo Skirt #we‘regood

After the destaster with the Veronica Skirt I was deadset on making Seamwork patterns work for me. Up until now I never had much success with the Seamwork patterns for woven garments. They seem too boxy on me because of my curvy figure. So why not try a knit pattern? And I did. I chose to start with the Seamwork Margo pencilskirt and went on to make the Seamwork Ida and the Seamwork Gabrielle.

The Margo is a pencilskirt designed to sit at the waist with a length to midcalves with two side slits. In my opinion this could be the perfect staple since you can shorten and adapt this to your preferences.

Seamwork Margo - Original

The fabric I used was a midweight ponte (65% viscose 20% nylon and 5% elasthane). I was originally dissapointed that the fabric was made in China even though I ordererd it from a German shop and description said nothing about the origin of the fabric. But having worked with it I must admit the qualitiy is superb and I would order it again. Still I would have appreciated a note in the fabric description saying where the fabric came from.

Now the construction was very easy. You actually only have two pattern pieces to work with. I made a straight size L which in hindsight was probably too large (for me that’s weird). At least in the waist I definitely have to size down. What I noticed is that you are supposed to hem the side slits first and then as the last step hem the skirt. I think you could make this all in one go and save some time (it’s a quick make either way). I am only 5ft 5in (165cm), so I wanted to take off 4.5in (11.5cm) of length for the skirt to be my desired length.

The Margo Skirt is super comfortable and I will definitely make more. I have a whole list of colors I want to make it in. I’m even thinking about making some mini skirts (without slits of course).

Front View…. Love it <3
Side view of the Margo

Thats it, happy Sewing! And check back to read about the Ida and Gabrielle Dresses.

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