Why am I doing this ? #Notanotherblog

‘Why Am I doing this?’ you may be wondering. Well, the answer is simple yet complex. I am fed up with fast fashion and the values it stands for.
It all started when I started watching a German tv show called ‘Schrankalarm’ (which translates to ‘closet alert’). It’s a show in which a team of stylists comb through a candidate’s closet and sort out all the items into three piles: Things that go, things that stay and things that need mending. The mending was done by one of the stylists. She was incredibly talented with the sewing machine and turned ordinary garments into great pieces. I figured ‘hey, if she can do this, maybe I can’ (uhu).
At that point in my life I was cleaning out my closet three to four times a year and loved it (to this day I loooove cleaning out closets, KonMari style ). Still the amount of clothes I gave to charity was alarming. The cleaning out always gave me a reason to buy more and more and more. Slowly I started to realise, that this might turn out to be a problem.
On a whim I bought the Ebook by Nunu Kaller called ‘Ich kauf nix’ (I’m not buying anything). Nunu is a blogger who turned her blog into a book. It was a fun read (she set out not to buy any clothes for a year as a cure for her constant shopping) and it set me on ‘my path’ so to speak. I found the blog by Anushka Rees just in time when her book ‘The Curated Closet’ hit the shelves. What can I say, I read it in one go and it opened a whole new world for me. After I did the pinterest mood board on how I envisioned my ideal wardrobe (something Anushka recommends) I finally took out my sewing machine again and made my first ever everyday dress. In the same week I watched the documentary ‘The True Cost’ on Neflix and it really unsettled me. I started to read ‘Overdressed – The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fastion’ by Elizabeth L. Cline and ‘Deluxe – How Luxury Lost Its Lustre’ by Dana Thomas and came to the conclusion that if I really wanted the perfect wardrobe, I had to sew it myself.
The ‘Deluxe’ book bugged me so much, that I even sold my Louis Vuitton bag and bought myself a serger instead (true story, but I regret selling the bag).

There are several pros to sewing my wardrobe myself:

  • I can adjust the fit from the get go (still learning it that department though). My weight changes a lot, which is frustrating enough but with sewing I can ‘cushion’ (pun intended) and accommodate the changes a bit better.
  • I can control where my fabric comes from and I appreciate how much time it takes to make a garment.
  • I can control the quality of the garments that go into my closet. (Have you ever bought two of the same t-shirt on high street, because you knew it had a very short lifespan anyway and you really liked the shirt? What’s up with that?)
  • I can wear something unique and not something you can buy in every H&M in the world.
  • I can focus on what I really like and what flatters me instead of running after trends I don’t understand.
  • Also I needed a hobby that calmed me asap. Now my sewing space is my little oasis of peace and calm.

How am I doing this?

Good question. I started with a few free patterns (e.g. the Alcoy Dress by Bonnie Whiscombe) and then dived fully into the (indie) sewing patterns out there (I am more of a pdf pattern girl than printed patterns). I would like to buy ethically reasonable fabric and make them into something unique.
I set out with basic sewing skills and I am slowly getting better. I want to use this blog to document my makes and my ‘learning curve’.
My goal is to slowly replace and replenish my wardrobe with me-made things.
Also I would love to connect with the amazing sewing community out there for input and feedback.

Why in English?

Yes, I live in Switzerland where we speak four languages (not everyone speaks all four languages fyi) but English is not one of them. However, I only know very few people that like sewing as much as I do (hello, sis!) and I would like to share my hobby and delve into this world. Creating this blog (and my Instagram feed) in English helps me with that… (even if it is a tad pretentious).

Who am I?

In April 2017 I started my stitching adventures and I am now at a advanced beginner level (or maybe intermediate, always hard to tell and depending on the project).You can read more about me here.

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Hi! My name is Nadine and I’ve been sewing my own clothes since 2017. I love making underwear – especially bras. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking and reading!

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