Motivation and Update

Hello everyone! After a long break I am back again. I have to say, it took me a while to get my energy back after having sewn a lot.

When you start sewing, or in my case pick up sewing again, you feel a splurge of energy and you’re happy about every project. Then, slowly your projects are getting more ambitious and you’re asked to review some fabrics, machines or whatnot. You keep your usual pace up until you run completely out of energy and sewing becomes just one more chore you have to do before you can watch Netflix. Gone are the days when it was relaxing and even energizing.

At least this is what happened to me this autumn. I was struggling to keep up with all the various challenges on Instagram and my other sewing related commitments. My website crashed and even now it is not at the visual level I want it to be. I started translating every post in IG and my blog to German, wich is quite a task (especially if you don’t know whether or not someone actually reads it). I saw what everyone was making which inspired me a great deal during lunchbreaks but when it was time to actually do the sewing I couldn’t bring myself to it. I felt inadequate and was constantly stressed out. I am recovering though and now that the year comes to an end feel like I can focus again.

Anyway, enough moping around. Let’s get you updated on what I made these last weeks.


Two Fenway Bras

I started off trying the Fenway bra pattern by Orange Lingerie. The first try was not that great for fit and even for the construction (the latter being my own fault). The upper cup was too big for me and the sideband was gaping just below the armscye. So I made the necessary adjustments and the second one the week after was a lot better. However I think the Fenway is just not for me. Where the strap is attached at the upper cup is just too high for my liking. I am not particularly tall and it looks a bit strange on me.

Another DL03 Bra by makebra

This is just one of my alltime favorite bra patterns. The fit is spectacularly perfect now that I lengthend and widened tha band a bit. I used polka dot print jersey with cut and sew foam and grey powernet. All my supplies were from

It’s just soooooo cute! Look at the little ladybugs…

Some Tuesday Boyshorts and a John Boxershort for my better half

The John Boxershort is a pattern by pattydoo and the first boxers my boyfriend loves to wear (just one exposed seam). If you want to know more about the Tuesdays you can read about them here.

Various Agnes Hacks for One Week One Pattern 2018 (#OWOP2018)

A bright yellow Arielle Skirt for BERNINA

Click here to go directly to the blogpost.


The #cozycardichallange was run by the lovely Stitch Sisters (that I got to meet in person at the Sewcialite Soirée in November btw, and yes, they really are as nice as they appear in their videos) and the beautiful Amanda from @isewalot.

I made the Blackwood Cardigan in a bottle green ribknit from Minerva Crafts and lenghtend it as much as I could… It’t almost floor length so I love it!

Back view of my lengthened Blackwood Cardigan

And the front. Isn’t it just wonderful?

Until next time. Happy Sewing!


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