I watched the latest video by Elizabethmadethis on youtube and it struck a nerve with me. Only two days ago I thought to myself, now that it’s over what have I learned from it? It was the first memademay that I participated in and it left me kind of sad. Seeing all these beautiful makes out there left me feeling overwhelmed. At some point it started to feel like a competition to me and I felt rotten about my own body shape. But still, what is left now? I vowed to:

– I will wear everyone of my memades at least once. What I don‘t like I‘ll fix or donate.

– I will find the perfect customized pattern for making bras and panties so my undergarments will me memade in the future

– I will not spend any money on fabrics this month (I‘m still waiting on a prepaid @stylemakerfabrics order so that does not count?)

Here are my #memademaylessons:


1. What prompted you to join MMMay this year?

I just wanted to feel like part of the community. But my fear from “overexposure” won out, so I did not even post a single outfit…

2. What percentage of Me Made clothes do you have in your closet?

Underwear: 6%
Tops: 55 %
Bottoms: 45%
Dresses/Jumpsuits: 75 %
Jackets, Coats, Blazers: 10%
Total: 47% (underwear excluded)

For a year that is quite good. But I am good at letting things go and I have gained a lot of weight. So of course the memade items are getting more and more, the RTW clothes have been sorted out pretty rigorously… And before you say anything (yes, I actually counted my items).

3. Do you still purchase RTW? If so, has sewing changed the amount you purchase?

I have not bought anything RTW since last April but then the wonderful trip to Lisbon with my friends happened and suddenly I had nothing to wear when it was really hot (I am pretty good at sorting out my closet and I have exactly ONE top without sleeves and that one was in the laundry) so I went to H&M and bought myself one for 9.90€. TBH I was shocked at how low prices were in there, imagining myself sewing the stuff and how much time it would need to take me. So all in all: No. With one exception. Side note: The top I bought survived exactly ONE round in the laundry now it is almost too small (when I bought it, it was all loose and floaty).

4. Did you learn anything new about your Me Made clothing by joining the challenge?

Yes. May is warm in Switzerland and I need new shirts. Also, I noticed that I did not have any shorts anymore and only one skirt that is not RTW. So I definitely need to sew up more separates. But because of this fact I wore my handmade dresses a lot and I really really liked the way they made me feel. I am more the jeans and shirt kind of gal (with the best intentions to make an effort, that I fail at constantly)… So dresses for the win!!!!
Whats more. I should really stop myself from vowing not to buy any fabric. Whenever I do that I fail miserably. Aaaand I did not sew any underwear which makes me kind of sad. No excuse for that really…

5. Did you find anything difficult while participating in the challenge?

The sense of competition I got. The sewing community is amazing. Therefore, the pressure I felt was memade as well. There were times I had to avoid social media for a bit because I found it completely overwhelming. On the clothing front (apart from the shirt in Lisbon) I had no issues at all. I even fixed a few items here and there so make them more to my liking.

6. What do you feel was the best about the challenge? Or lessons learned for you, if any?

The best thing…. hmmm. The extra boost of inspiration during the first two weeks I got. And lessons learned: I should just do me – and be okay with it.

7. Will you join the challenge again?

I’m not sure yet…. I’m leaning toward yes? That’s it. Thank you so much for reading and happy sewing. I did tag Siona from @sewcialitea and Mel from @handmadebyditsytulip for this (if they feel like it).

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’m so impressed that you took the time to calculate your percentages! The month can definitely be overwhelming. As much as Zoe has always always emphasized that MMM isn’t a daily photo challenge, it can definitely feel like it hanging around IG casually on any day of May! I think you’re right–there’s a level of participation that suits you and that’s great! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Nadine

      Thank you so much Elizabeth. I really like calculating, making charts and spreadsheets. My proudest one is an excel-sheet that calculates for me what percentage my sewing cost me and what the sewing costs in turn consist of. For example I know how much (relatively and absolute) of my sewing costs are caused by notions in April 2018. Seems crazy but I love it…?

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