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Hello everyone I am back again with a short review on the Sew Over It Knit Fabric box. A a Swiss person it is often hard to find the fabric and notions you want and like, so a lot of ordering happens over the internet. This often comes with additional cost (taxes, customs, shipping) and a good supplier.

When I was in the UK last November (for the Sewcialite Soirée) I had the opportunity to visit the Sew Over It shop in Islington as well. This meant I could see and feel the fabric first hand (pun intended). With that in mind I wanted to try the new fabric box subscriptions Sew Over It started offering at the end of November.

The idea behind is that each month you get some happy post. You are able to chose your box according to your sewing needs and habits. At the moment I mostly enjoy working with knits as life has become very hectic and stressfull during the last months. I tend to need a quick sewing fix which I can easily achieve with a knit project. Plus, it’s super cold outside so I want all the cosy sweaters…

But you can of course choose the cotton box, the kids box or the wovens box. Each box has its own pricing though. The knit box cost me 50£ plus shipping wich was at 6.70£ to a European address (without tracking). I expected the shipping fees to be horrendous but that seems like a very fair price for the shipping of such a large box. In Swiss Francs comes to 71.50 (63.55€)

If I remember correctly the boxes were shipped around mid December from the UK and mine arrived in Switzerland December 28 (at the customs office mind you) and on New Year’s Eve Day at my doorstep.

Now, as Switzerland is not part of the EU, every package arriving from outside Switzerland is subject to taxes. But for practical reasons only tax sums that are larger than 5 Francs will actually be taxed. All other packages go tax free. So a package of, let’s say 30$, will arrive tax free in Switzerland.

Fabric is taxed at 7.7% of the total value (items in the package, shipping AND the customs fees; the latter are not the taxes themselfs but the fee for handling the packages and such by the customs officer). In my case the taxes were 6.95 Francs plus 18.15 handling fee wich bring the total cost of my package to 96.60 Francs (86€, 77£).

If I were to send the package to a package droppoint across the border in Germany (about, 5Km, which is legal btw) and bring the package with my when I cross back into Switzerland (also legal with goods up to 300 Fr.) those costs would be massively reduced (68€, 61£, 76.75Fr.).

Why am I getting into the costs so much? Well, simple, because after all this you have to decide whether or not the box (or whatever item you ordered was worth it or not).

In my case it was, but just barely, because 96 Fr. is a lot of money (I can buy 32 loaves of bread for this price).


I got 2m of a beautifully striped ponte roma and 1.5m of very soft viscose jersey with a flower print on it. I am not sure what to make with them yet but the suggestions I received with the fabric gave me some good ideas. Needless to say that the quality is perfect! And did I say stripes?????

There you go! Let me know what you think of the box and happy Sewing!


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