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The Seamwork Veronica Dress #gatherround-ornot!

Hello, I’m back at it again after my foot surgery went very well last month. Now, I want to tell you about the Seamwork Veronica dress I made last Saturday. It was a quick make I can tell you that, but apart from that I am a little bit disappointed.
First and foremost I need to tell you that I tend to shy away from silhouettes with gathers or a shape that is too loose. This is partly due to the fact, that I have gained a lot of weight during the last two years by eating lots and lots of delicious things (I might as well be honest here). This makes me feel very self-conscious about the way clothes look on me. However I can honestly say that sewing my own clothes has helped me a lot in that area… And then I am also not very tall (I’m about 5ft 5in or 1.65m) which means loose shapes  – in my head – always make me feel like a fluff-ball.
But I resolved to make things that might be out of my comfort zone and try new shapes. You never know – something you always thought looked hideous on you actually looks pretty amazing.

About the Veronica Dress

I chose the Veronica pattern by Seamwork Magazine because the floaty and breezy look of it appealed to me and I thought it would look great in stripes (ok – I think anything looks great in stripes…). Also it does not look overly oversized on the model.

Veronica Dress by Seamwork Magazine
This is the theory…

About the fabric

The fabric I used was bought at It’s a basic cotton with a black and white stripe. Even after washing the hand was still quite crisp and it did not seem particularly drapey.

About the construction of the Veronica Dress

If you have ever made Seamwork patterns you know that they come with amazing instructions and are made within just a couple of hours. So I will not go into details here. The pattern requires you to insert a zip at the back which I omitted because I could easily get the dress over my head (I can with most dresses actually, I am lazy that way). What I was especially proud of was my stripematching and I took extra care with it.

But as you might have guessed by reading my introduction – the dress really isn’t for me. Now, I guess if I had made it in a superdrapey fabric (e.g. chiffon) it might have looked a little more fluid and ( in my head = ) flattering. Also it did look better with a belt over the elasticated waist (I am really not a fan of elasticated waists even though it’s comfy).

Alas, even with a  fabric that has more drape the fitting issues would still stand. The dress was too large for me despite downsizing from the beginning. The armhole was huge and I would have needed to insert quite a big dart to avoid anyone seeing my bra (not that I mind especially). I had a lot of volume at the upper back and it looked like I had quite a tummy. My lovely boyfriend said I looked like a nurse 😉 … because of the outfit not the tummy 😀

All in all, if you are on the curvy side and dead set on making the Veronica use a  fabric with more drape than I did and you might be ok. Happy Sewing.

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    I found the measurements for the waistband didn’t allow room for top stitching

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