The Seamwork Ida Dress #littleblackdress

After having a success with the Seamwork Margo skirt, I decided to make a little black dress for work and other formal occasions. Sadly enough, after cutting out the whole project my beloved grandfather died and the first occasion I would be wearing the dress would actually be his funeral. We were close and he always supported us (my grandparents have two daughters and five granddaughters) in anything we did…
For the fabric I used the same ponte as I did for the Margo skirt. I cut a size L for the bodice and a size XL at the hips.
What I really like about this pattern is the fact, that it has gusset pieces on the shoulders. That makes it look really refined (at least in my opinion).

Finished gusset details

The instructions (as mostly on indie patterns) were great. You start of by inserting the gusset pieces into the bodice and then hem the neckline. Done with a twin needle (or a covermachine stitch) this looks really fantastic and I am obsessed with it’s detail. After this you finish the bodice and attach the sleeves. This is when I noticed that I was supposed to cut four sleeve pieces not just two. Because I had no fabric left, I had to make due with just the two pieces. I pressed the seamallowance toward the wrong side and stitched it with my twin needle. Because my fabric was a ponte that really did not alter the look of the whole sleeve. It still has a great stability as you can see on the pictures.
The whole dress has a pretty nice fit but I think for the next one I need to size down on the bodice and the skirt and do an FBA. The armholes were quite wide so I inserted darts that fixed the issue.
First I pinched out the fabric excess an pinned it with small needles

… then I removed the pins and drew in the darts…

All in all I like it. It’s supercomfortable and I can spend the whole day in it without feeling constricted.
Ida Dress
Happy sewing and check back in for my third Seamwork knit make: The Gabrielle Dress.

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