The Seamwork Gabrielle Dress #theskaterdress

Ever since I first had my seamwork subscription I had my eye on the Gabrielle Dress. I just love the fit and flare style of it and the fact that the dread pieces go from top to bottom with princess seams. In my opinion this especially flatters curvy girls. Also the Seamwork’s model was a beautiful slightly curvy girl which meant that I already kind of knew, that this might look good on me.


The Gabrielle has back ties and Seamwork offers some exclusive hacks for members.

I – again – chose a ponte to make this. The fabric is of the same quality and the same supplier as the Margo and the Ida, except this time I chose a navy color. I would have like the navy to be a little brighter. You can only tell that it’s navy and not black, when holding actual black next to it.

You start off by joining all the front and back dress pieces together. Then you finish the neckline with a twin needle or a coverstitch. The instructions said to fold over tha back top edge to make a tunnel for the elastic. I instead opted to attach clear elastic directly to the edge and the fold it over and stitch it down with a twin needle. I just preferred this method to the tunnel bit.

Attached back pieces
I attached the clear elastic directly to the back piece
Try to stretch the elastic while attaching it to the back dress

Then it was time to do the backties. You sandwich the shoulder seam of the front dress between the backties which results in a very neat finish. I inserted the sleeves of which again I had only two instead of four pieces (check the post on the Seamwork Ida on how I made due with just two pieces).

And then – of course – I forgot to baste the backties to the back piece before joining the side seams. Tada, I had to take out the seamripper for the first time to open the top part of the seams up again to insert those ties.

After finishing the open seams, I was done with the whole dress and I looooooooove this dress. And even my boyfriend said that the dress looked pretty.

You an definitely tell that there is a little too much fabric in the back area…
Gabrielle Dress Front View

Now maybe on the next one (I really want a red and a green one) I might lower the neckline a bit and definitely make it one size smaller. I could get away with making it this size because of the backties that are adjustable. But this meant that the whole backsection drops about an inch which makes my bra visible (not a great look even if Carrie Bradshaw did not care about it).

So, Red Gabrielle, here I come! Happy Sewing!

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