My cherry Rosa shirtdress by Tilly and the Buttons

I had the Rosa shirtdress pattern for a while now but never quite dared to actually sew it up. Questions like ‘Am I really ready to make a shirtdress?’, ‘Do I even look good in dresses?’ ‘What if I loose weight?’ bothered me. But when I saw the Stitchsisters’ Video on a Stash Attack challenge I decided I would do this with my sister. Mind you, I did not give her any choice. She is younger than me and therefore subject to my wiser nature, haha. But all kidding aside she liked the idea and we decided on each other’s projects back in November. She picked the Rosa shirt and the beautiful fabric I had just picked up from Sew Over It.
I had just returned from a short trip to the UK (I travelled to the Sewcialite Soirée in Bristol with a stay in London) and brought this beautiful stretch cotton sateen fabric with me. Side note: I vowed two years ago that I would buy any cherry and lemon print I liked. Two metres was enough to make the Rosa shirtdress with long sleeves.
I followed the instructions to a T and even made a muslin beforehand. While making the muslin I wondered if I should make the adjustment for narrow shoulders then and there but decided against it. Of course I needed to take the shoulders in by about 2cm (3/4”) but the rest of the fit was PUR-FECT. I found that Tilly’s patterns really mirror my bodyshape not only with knits but also wovens. So I decided when in doubt I would always go with Tilly and the Buttons or at least compare other patterns to the shape of a similar TATB pattern.
So here are a few peeks of my Rosa Shirtdress.

Rosa Shirtdress
All laid out nicely

Rosa Shirtdress
I overlocked all the edges first

Rosa Shirtdress
All the pieces are in except the sleeved (and of course the buttons)

Rosa Shirtdress
My collar

I added long sleeves with cuffs I made from this fab Tutorials from Tilly herself.
Rosa Shirtdress
Sew on the facing…

Rosa Shirtdress
Then cut the opening.

Rosa Shirtdress
And turn the facing to the inside.

Rosa Shirtdress Cuffs
Nice cuffs… right?

Lately I have been thinking about hacking or altering patterns I have (and like) to become staple pieces in my wardrobe. You know, like a basic block I can change to whatever I currently like. I have a mind to hack the Rosa shirt into a staple fitted shirt pattern by adding the yoke pattern to the front princess pieces and continue the line up to the shoulders and straighten the back yoke.
Happy Sewing

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