It’s A Wrap! #sewtogetherforsummer

I made a wrapdress. That’s right a wrapdress. I used to think, that this is definitely not the look for me. When I was 18 or 19 I bought myself a faux wrap top and it looked so weird on me. It was comfortable as hell, but it also made me look very booby, because the top part of the wrap would fall so tightly under my bust that it accentuated my chest area in a way I really did not like.
That top pretty much traumatized me and I vowed never to wear any wrappy clothes anymore. More than ten years later I tried again with a self sewn dress and I am sold!

About the M6884 Wrapdress

The M6884 wrapdress has a faux wrap top and a wrapped skirt with a nice little waisttie. I would NEVER have bought myself the pattern were it not for my Love Sewing subscription that my middle sister got my for my birthday last year. So with the issue 45 of Love Sewing I received the M6884 as a gift. Patterns I don’t intend to use I stow away in a small box all the way in the back of my sewing corner. And I would never have looked at it again if it hadn’t been for a “mis-order”.

About my fabric

Don’t get me wrong I really like viscose as a material but I do not like it in lightweight jerseys. It makes them too floaty and drapey – it’s just not to my taste. When I ordered the fabric I did not read that is was a viscose jersey, so imagine my surprise when I got the package from Minerva Crafts. I said to myself “ok, what are you going to make with it? it should be something floaty and drapey”… At that time as well the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge started and this time around the wrapdress was chosen… Fine, I thought, I’ll make a wrapdress, since I will be able to enter the challenge and at the same time use up the fabric. In the back of my mind I remembered, that I had a wrapdress pattern somewhere and it was time to get it out and start sewing. I did not have enough fabric to follow the grainline so I cut the sleeves on the crossgrain.

About the construction of the M6884 Wrapdress

First off, it’s a very easy pattern and I chose to make a size 16, graded to a 18 at the hips. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine. I have a few pictures for you to guide you:

The fit is actually pretty spot on and I truly like the look on me. It did not make me booby at all and the M6884 gives me a nice hourglass shape. I am already thinking about making another one but realistically I might not need another one this season.

Finished Wrap Dress

On another note…

After completing this project I got the opportunity to visit the BERNINA International headquarters in Steckborn. I was shown the BERNINA Creative Center and could check out the site. They have it quite good over there, let me tell you, that lake… (I am green with envy right now). Anyway it was an fantastic visit and I got to meet amazingly nice people.
I was still on my BERNINA-high when I started to drive home. And then came the trip FROM HELL. You know, I usually have a great sense of orientation but on that day…. Not so much. As I started driving home I heard on the radio that there were several accidents on the highway I ought to take, so I picked the scenic route. When I arrived at my first “checkpoint” I decided it was time to take the highway again and that maybe I could drive via Germany back home. I drove and drove and drove and my navigational system kept telling me to turn around. That thing does not know which road (in my head shortcut) I want to take anyway, so of course it tells me to turn around. Finally after the estimated arrival time kept getting longer and longer (I was in Germany already) I stopped at a gas station and realized that I was driving in a circle for more than 90 minutes. Have you seen how tiny Switzerland is? It is practically impossible to get lost! I called my boyfriend very close to a nervous breakdown and told him the whole story. After he finished laughing, he told me to relax and to drive home from where I was at the moment. I was so angry and frustrated and the radio kept telling me how much traffic is all around me (like I needed telling!) I suddenly had the inspiration to listen to podcasts. I chose Love to Sew because the voices of Caroline and Helen are soooo nice and their laughter is really calming. The episode was about pattern hacking and  therefore just the right topic to take my mind off of the traffic and the long way to go… Thank you Caroline and Helen, you saved everyone on that road that day :-DDD

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