The SOI Clara Blouse #inlovewithclara

About the Clara Blouse by Sew Over It

Since I am a member of the Sew Over It Pdf Club I have the possibility to purchase and download the newest monthly pdf-pattern a week in advance. Of course I took advantage of that when I saw, that the newest addition to the SOI patterns would be a blouse! For my #makenine2018 I knew I definitely needed to make some blouses or tops for work which is why I originally chose the B6217. Yes, of course I saw, that SOI had the Pussybow Blouse which I could have chosen, but somehow it didn‘t speak to me (you know what I mean). And add to that, that I intended to use the patterns and fabric in my stash for my makenine I chose the B6217. However, after seeing the Clara Blouse I immediately decided that this would be ‚the blouse‘ (look at that neckline!) and changed my #makenine2018 plans (blouse-wise).
I was between sizes (exactly between), so I chose the smaller one (16). That was a good choice, although next time I will grade out at the hips. Even though I regularly have to adjust for narrow shoulders (about 2 cm or 6/8“), it was not necessary for this pattern. The fit at the shoulders was PERFECT. Also, for the next one I would probably shorten the sleeves about 1 cm for personal preference.

About the fabric

For this project I chose a red 100% viscose fabric with white polka dots from a local shop. I’ve had it since last July and I feel very proud of slowly using up the fabric in my stash (the size of the stash being an issue that my boyfriend keeps pointing out to me, well what can I say…).

The sewing bit

The instructions were – for the most part –  fairly easy to understand.

Sewing the side seams…

Understitching the collar facing

Then, even though I KNEW there are three buttons to sew on, I somehow did not realise the rouleau piece should be enough to – of course – sew three rouleaux. The first one was perfect, the other two for the cuffs were – meh (but it worked).
When it was time to attach the sleeves it was already nine o‘clock in the evening which meant OF COURSE that I sewed the wrong sleeve on and attached the cuffs to the wrong side of the fabric. I left the unpicking for the next day because I was so annoyed with myself. I knew I was tired and still I kept going.
Apart from the rouleau thing there were two parts were I deviated from the instructions.
Rolling that hem for me 😉

I used my specialsuperamazing sewing machine foot for rolled hems to do the hemming (still need to practise that though) and I serged the cuffs on – I was so not in the mood to do the cuffs the proper way. Proper way meaning of course the way the instructions suggested and I learned in my previous project the M7623 (which I will link here, once I‘ve written a post about it).
But I was very very very pleased with the result of it all. The blouse fits me well and I love the feel of it.

What can I say. I am completely in love with this pattern and will make more Claras in the near future.


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  1. Celine

    Looks beautiful!! And welcome 🙂

    1. Nadine

      Thank you so much for commenting and the compliment…

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