Sewing is my very own creative outlet from my (great) dayjob at the office. It is a way for me to relax and completely immerse myself in another world. I learned to sew at school, when I was about nine or ten years old and I always loved to sit at the sewing machine. My mom’s machine was very heavy which meant I had to rely on her (and her nerves, sorry Mom!) to get the machine out, so I could sew. Of course most of the time I made a terrible mess with randomly sewing things together and my mom had to spend hours unpicking the threads from the (now) completely stuck machine.

When I grew older my interest in sewing depreciated a bit. It was only about 10 years ago, when I rediscovered sewing while making costumes for the local Carnival in Basel (it is one of UNESCOs Cultural World Heritage thingies, just sayin’). But even then I only used sewing for costume purposes (even though they were historical costumes). I never thought I could actually make my own clothes. You know, clothes that I would actually wear on the street with other people seeing them. But as it turned out… I can.

When I was looking for instructions on a project I noticed the great sewing community out there… and just maybe, someone wants to share in my little failures and successes along my stitching adventures. 

I use this blog to document my (hopefully) growing sewing skills (which I still consider tiny). If you’d like to know (in details), why I am doing this, you can check out my very first blog post here.
As of now, my seamripper is my most trusted friend on this journey 😉